Celebrating Memorial Day with Top Gun Jacket

May 29 marks a significant day in American history when citizens from all races and cultures put their disparities aside to thank martyrs and soldiers who lost their life while serving their country.  And what’s a better way to honor and pay gratitude to those who are burned at the stake than wearing the iconic Top Gun Jacket?

The illustrious piece of clothing was first introduced in the famed neo-western movie: Top Gun and has been a significant symbol of patriotism, country love, and soundness since then. Keep on reading to explore how this iconic piece of clothing can help to pay homage to our soldiers.

Let’s start

Honoring military heroes in a top-gun style

1: Pay Tribute to the military heroes

The iconic jacket was worn by the 90’s fashion icon: Tom Cruise in his 1986’s most successful project: Top Gun. The jacket has captured the essence of the American military that pays homage to the skilled aviators of the United States and their dedication towards their service.

The same is why, wearing a top gun jacket on this memorials day is a powerful representation of your support for those who have fiercely fought for the sake of layman’s security.

2: Connect with the history

Wearing a specialized memorials day jacket on this auspicious event is probably the most tangible way for demonstrating our true feelings for all those sacrifices. And what’s better for this purpose than the iconic

Top Gun apparel that enables you to form a connection between past and present. Being launched in the late 90’s The jacket belongs to the famous Top Gun movie that was appreciated a lot by the US armed forces for endorsing the struggling side of the US army. And a lot of soldiers in the army endorsed the jacket at diverse events.

Thus, by wearing the jacket,  you not only form a connection between past and present but the legacy of the previous generation also remains continued.

3: The symbolic significance

Apart from acquiring historical importance, the jacket has some not-to-be-missed elements that make it the best choice to be worn on Memorial Day. There are 8 significant patches embossed on the base. Nevertheless, only a few people know that apart from being an attractive element each of these patches has significant meaning.

For instance, the top gun patch on the front represents the United Navy Fighter Weapon School, aka Top Gun School. Whereas the United States flag patch and the winged patch reflect the wearer’s nationality and capabilities respectively.

There are some personalized patches as well such as the Name Tag that represents the name of each whilst the Squadron patch tells about the particular squad to which the pilot belonged.

This way, wearing the jacket on related events such as the memorial day parade, and momorial visits will not only honor the soldiers but also allow you to connect with the true American spirit by showcasing different significant American safety institutes on your apparel.

4: Enhanced Inspiring Unity:

Wearing the apparel on memorials day is an excellent way to showcase mutual respect and love for those who got martyred.

In addition, it creates a sense of solidarity and unity among citizens ensuring to convey a positive message across the globe through visible displays.

5: Fashionable and Timeless Style:

Beyond its symbolic connections, the Top Gun jacket is one of those few apparels that does not stay confined to be worn as an excellent and highly versatile apparel that you can wear at any time, at any place, and with any apparel you have after memorial day.

You can dress it up or down on the basis of the occasion you would attend. For a casual look, wear it along with jeans and a white tank top. Or you can pair it up with an elegant gown in case you are planning to attend a gathering. It looks decent on all occasions.


To sum up,  memorials day is just around the corner. It is a special day that lets us thank all of those brave soldiers who died serving the country. And there probably is no better apparel for this event than the uniquely designed Top Gun Jacket.

The apparel’s historical endorsements and uncommon design make sure you look absolutely eye-catching and well-aligned with the theme.

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